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  • Giveaway!!

    Hello guys! This is mainly for new players(and old players but i don't see the point XD). I'm planning to give away $1.2 mil. I know, it's not that much but I'm just a new player as well. This is mainly to help the starters because I know how difficult it is to earn money.
    So the first person who PM's me saying"123" will be the money's keeper. The winner has to wait for my reply before doing Step 1 and 2.

    What I need from you!
    - Step 1 : I need you to buy a 0.1 % of something in your area and place it in the marketplace
    - Step 2: send me a message (PM)( with a screenshot and the name of your property) through this forum as soon as you post your property that way i can set up a timer.

    And that's all.
    See ya.

    UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed!
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