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  • Gains/losses

    I'm finding that when I buy some properties that, even though it makes money, some of the "gains/losses" on some of my properties shows huge losses. Is there something wrong I'm doing? And how do I get my properties out of the red and into the black? I have several properties like this and don't have enough coins to boost the rent. Can you help me out and let me know what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you.

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    Hey, please attach screenshots from portfolio with that huge losses. I'll check it.


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      I've tried several ways to attach the screenshots but was unable to do so. I don't know of any other way to send what you're requesting.


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        Please send it to our customer support:


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          I don't know what you did but now some of those properties are in the black. However, I now have properties that were in the black, but are now in the red. Is there something that was done to knock those properties off balance? Are there adjustments I can do to get them back in the black?


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            If you are asking about property gains or losses on valuation - it is controlled by game engine and depending on many factors it's changing in time. You can't have influence on it, but you can observe it and decide you want to keep or sell the property.