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  • Update announcement ????

    When will this announcement happen? We've been waiting for information for over 2 weeks. We would like to know how bad you guys have screwed us over.
    you certainly haven't made the game better for players.
    youve screwed the players over. With valuations. With rent not working properly. Requiring coins to buy into cities. That won't bother the players who already own cities, unless they have to buy more.

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    Wow, Really? I know I have my complaints also. But there is no need to rupture an aneurysm over a game.


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      Lol. No.
      Just tired of getting no answers about this stuff. They've talked about an announcement. There hasn't been one. I've asked and asked. Told to be patient. I've been patient.


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        Understood. The last I read they were monitoring some issues. Seems as if they may not be content yet, but that is my guess. Hopefully they get things worked out.
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          For an update that changed so much of the game, they should have made an announcement about the changes before or right after to tell us what they were doing.


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            They did but it didnt go well. The economy they put in place may be a bit more complex and dynamic which opens the door for unseen problems. Couple that with an established game economy that people are used to can and will put some players up in arms if adversly affected.

            Personally I didn't think my income would get neutered like it did.
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              They screwed up the game for the established players. They have given conflicting reasons about the valuations. First it was a devaluation bug. Then it was the economy being fixed.
              ​​​​​i just want to know how they are going to remedy the issue of losing that much valuation.

              Ive decided that I'm not watching any ads til they make an announcement.

              They won't make any more money off of me.

              I don't care that it'll cost me coins.
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                Wht can't they just get rid of the putting coins into buying cities?

                If they don't, there is no point in playing, free or paying, because economy ceiling is completely capped.

                They totally broke it...


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                  I think the rent boost is nonsense. I think my current rent is pretty close to what it should be and was before this dumb update.


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                    Looks to me like they spent time on this game so they could figure out how to make more money on the other game. They don't seem to care about this one anymore. They just give the same old answers to every question.