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  • vacation

    one thing that has bugged me about the game is the fact that you can not buy properties outside your area. but what about if u live in a area with few high dollar properties. i am now level 34. fot me to turn a ptofit of a sizeable amount my props have to be valued at least 500 mil dollars. i bought the only props close to me and my liminted traveling area. the marketplace is unreal. peoplle bid 2bil on a 500mil prop. i have no chance. i know one of your main purposes for this game is traveling. but heres a option

    vacation in game. a system where you can spend in game money or coins to put your self somewhere else. then charge a certain amount to stay there. for example...
    i live in central mississippi. i vacation to atlanta georgia which costs me 100k or like 10 coins just to go. and 50k per day to stay. set a max number of days someone can stay. like a week anf then a week cooldown till u can do it again. the travel price can be based on miles traveled. please come up with some sort of system