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I want my Money back!!! Stupid Chance

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  • I want my Money back!!! Stupid Chance

    This chance annoys.Why do I lose more than I win? I find it a rip off and would like my money back.

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    From what I can tell, the chance formula seems to be

    chance for winning card = 50% + (percentage player is from 50% of player's max cash on hand).

    If you're below 50% of your cash on hand, you have a better than 50% chance to draw a winning card from chance. Conversely, if you're over your half way point, that becomes a penalty to your chance to draw a winning card.

    The winning cards for me have ranged in 10%-15% range, work most being 10%. This ends up being a small number if you're below your half way point on your ban km roll. The loser cards for me habe ranged between 10%-20%. Unfortunately, they tend to be around 15% and so be I have more than half my bank roll in cash at the time, the penalties are harsh.

    My tip is to try and buy property about an hour before you draw chance cards. I think I've seen one loser since I started doing that.


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      Thx but idk which time i get the chance.