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Warning to players violating the terms.

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  • Warning to players violating the terms.

    A few players in particular are blatantly violating the terms of agreement with " account boosting " violations. This is extremely unfair to players who adhere to the terms of agreement (Tos).

    These players must stop immediately, if not, your name, and enough evidence to prove your guilt, will be supplied to the administration.

    On the bright side for you- we can't determine if the player in question, is just a new player who is making odd transactions(using a large amount of coins that were legitimately purchased), or a player who is intentionally violating the terms;however, if your name is turned over to the administration of Reality Games, then the case will quickly be decided, because they can look up your coin purchases. We can only determine trends with purchases(such as highest amount on a given day purchased- but not numbers for a specific player).

    But, it's most likely that the player is engaged in activity that violates the terms of agreement with Reality Games.

    Our plan going forward is to monitor the account in question for repeated offenses. If the player countines to violate the TOS, then we will notify the administration. We suspect that the player in question is going to resort to making multiple accounts, that will individually be used to gain the same advantage.

    You know who you are, please cease and desist.

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    Get over it bud. Not going to catch them all. Esp on mobile gaming. Dont focus on the small stuff. Should be more focus on the major hackers who cheat the system with a vulnerability flaw. And just gives themselves a ton of money without actually playing the game