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    I don't know if someone has made a fake account or something as I went on the marketplace a few businesses were for sale all in a row for 0.1% and were worth about 3/4k each yet someone is happening to be bidding about 2.3/2.4 million on each of them I mean how is that fair for us lower players actually playing the game and trying to earn our way yet someone is doing that. I don't know if you want to look into that if it's something you approve or disapprove of in this game but thought I'd mention it and see others opinions about it.

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    Hello, perhaps I could speak on this subject.

    Boosting accounts is highly unlikely to occur on the open marketplace. In addition, you should ALWAYS screenshot suspicious activity and forward it to the developers.

    Why is boosting unlikely on the market place?
    Because players can send offers, which is harder to detect due to the sheer number of player offers. These offers will be on local buildings that show up on each players radius zone.

    There's no current vetting system in place on Reality game for such transactions. In addition, properties might sustain sentimental value. Meaning that they might be real places that a player values above the actual cost of holding. That could be a reasonable explanation for what you are seeing. It would also be hard for the developers to vet such transaction, but the higher the number of these transactions, the higher set cost (plenty of room to buy shares), and distance of the accounts interacting with the host buyer/seller could lead to enough evidence to justify sanctions.

    Right now, I'm following a player who is exhibiting these signs. They are a trademark of this kind of activity.


    Reality Games should extract their players data, and monitor high percent changes in player income without bias ( such as players buying coins). But, this eventually will lead into road blocks. Players might gain excessive income due to bugs that aren't fixed, which might put them in the hot seat for no reason. This is definitely something Reality Games has to consider. Reality Games would lose amajor reputation status for taking action against players who act in accordance with the terms of conditions. Furthermore, you would literally have to pay someone to view these transactions on a case by case basis, which could become very time consuming. Especially when you have over 10,000 players.

    It's a tough situation.

    As of always, let's make Reality Games GREAT AGAIN!

    God Bless
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