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Usa Product demands an investigation.

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  • Usa Product demands an investigation.

    A player has already reached $900,000,000. The app has only been released for a few days. The data avaliable suggests the player in question has broke the terms of agreement and exploited the game.

    Perhaps the player bought his money? Not possible.
    The lower the level, the higher rate of efficiency buying coins will produce.

    Let's say a level 12 company gains $5,000,000 per 500 coins. 14,000 coins is the best and maximum offer. The player in question would have to spend $500 alone just to exceed $900,000,000. Remember ,this figure alone is not including depreciation. Therefore, the amount of money spent would have to be considerably higher. One problem , a recent probe into Reality Games revealed that no player has spent 500$ on in game purchases. Don't forget to mention that his growth was raised by 5,650% alone in the last 24 hours.

    The community of Reality Games is outraged, that players countine to exploit the game for personal gain, instead of playing the rules.

    We need to make Reality Games Great AGAIN, by completing a full investigation into the player below.

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    Hello, Thank you for this report. We're going to check it.


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      Anyway you guys can fix the vulnerabilities to prevent this type and of action?


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        We're still developing our system, so we will do our best to avoid such situations in the future.