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The 'Chance' Feature

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  • The 'Chance' Feature

    I just lost 2 days in a row.

    First time this has happened since I started playing the game months ago.

    Most games have a reward system to encourage players to keep coming back. What does this game have? A chance card system that punishes you, and leaves you scared to stack any cash.

    Happening once every now and then is bad enough but twice in a row? I didn't even know that was possible. Now I do. And I think that is a lousy design choice, especially considering the fact that when you lose it takes 20% of your cash but whenever you win you only get a 10% bonus, so losing has twice the impact.

    So to have this happen several times in a row is destructive. It is a really annoying and unbalanced game mechanic. As if earning money wasn't slow enough and hard enough as it is.

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    that sucks i know, i lost billions in this and sometimes some days in a row. I guess my record was around 300-400million i lost in a day... donut trumpet should really think about this, and not only this, about the whole game mechanic right now. Maybe they tried to make some things better, but the last update really destroyed the game and it looks like they are still doing nothing to get it better again....


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      You must have had around 2 billion in cash if you lost 400 million. That is a LOT of cash - damn. You must be super high level.


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        i lost 800mio today & im loosing much more Daily because of some Game Bugs since 2-3 Weeks^^. And yeah im Level 41 soon and Second Place in game now.
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          3rd time in 5 days.

          This game is starting to suck.


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            I'm also frustrated with the most player-unfriendly feature of the game - "Chance"! It makes no big difference to top players, but it really discourages those who just play for fun because money (and coins) is not easy to earn.
            My suggestions:
            - Changing the "Chance" mechanism (e.g. more gains/fewer losses, playing "Chance" on a voluntary basis, etc.)
            - Adding a "Bank" feature (e.g. players can choose to save money in a bank to minimise the loss, giving out a good daily interest to encourage login, etc)


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              We're already thinking on a remodelled lottery, so thanks for the suggestions.