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Properties with no upgrades available?

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  • Properties with no upgrades available?

    Why do some properties have no potential to upgrade??

    I bought several properties today, all 100% ownership, and 2 of those properties had no upgrades available? Why? I would think security cameras, wifi, and disabled access would pretty much apply to everything... to have zero upgrades seriously limits a property's potential.

    Seems like a bug. It makes no logical sense.

    Also, please fix the coin bug on marketplace bidding. It says it will charge 1 coin but it takes 5. I told support and they told me all this stuff to do, including reinstalling the app, which I did, but it still takes 5 coins every time.

    I use the android app.

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    Hey, not all of the properties has got upgrades and that's part of the game Marketplace bidding should be fixed in next update.