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  • Marketplace bug

    Hi, recently I had couple of problems with bids on marketplace - when I put my bid which is bigger then existing one I get notice that my bid is not enough

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    This is not the only bug ingame.


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      You need to refresh (pull down from the top) the listings before you place your bid. When you sit on the listing screen or go to another tab (like bids) and then come back to the marketplace listing, it does not refresh itself (to do so constantly would use a lot of data and cpu resources). For example, you go to the marketplace, and property A lists for $1,000,000 and the auction closes in 10 minutes. 8 minutes later with 2 minutes to go, you decide to bid $1,000,001; but even though the listing timer is counting down, many people could have placed a bid on that property -- but on your screen, the last price still shows $1,000,000.

      I could say a lot more but the fix is to just refresh before placing a bid.